Introduction - Sound and the senses

Throughout this blog we will investigate the links between sound and the other senses. How multi-sensorial experiences become amplified, and tap into our memories and emotions far more than single stimulus ones (or whether single sense experiences actually exist!). How we can learn from the condition Synesthesia and the way in which those with synesthesia (myself included) experience the world. And how this knowledge can help us create more engaging experiences, more memorable branding and marketing content, and convey information efficiently and effectively.

At Condiment Junkie, Scott King and myself have taken our ideas on this subject into the worlds of branding, experiential events, architecture and design, HMI and interactive systems, healthcare and education, food, and the art of restauranting.

We believe that with well designed sonic environments, in collaboration with other sensorial stimulus, we can create incredibly immersive and memorable experiences, where participants take away powerful emotional, sensorial memories.

This understanding of multi-sensorial stimulus and sensorial memories signifies a change in how we can communicate with consumers, express brand identities, and create amazing, memorable experiences.

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