iPad and iPhone users engaged for longer with Audio

Great article from the Nieman Journalism Lab about how sound in HMI devices engages users for longer. Some good stats in there too.



Fin & Flounder retail sound experiment

Pop into the Fin & Flounder fishmongers on Broadway Market in East London, and you may be mistaken that you’ve been transported to the Devonshire coast.

Condiment Junkie have created a pop up sound installation that projects a seascape of crashing waves and seagulls around the fresh fish counter and the pavement just outside.

The installation is part of an experiment into the benefits of sound in the retail space. The soundscape is designed to conjure up memories and emotions associated with being by the sea, which then amplifies the other senses and enhances the freshness of the fish.

At the end of the month long trial, the Fin & Flounder team will assess its effects on the amount of transactions and average customer spend.

Head down and witness it for yourself - Fin & Flounder, 71 Broadway Market, E8


Nursery Rhymes for iPad

We've just completed the sound effects and UI audio design for Nursery Rhymes for iPad.

The book is a collaboration between app geniuses Us Two, and Atomic Antelope - the people behind the bestselling 'Alice'.

The animation and drawings are spectacular in this book, as is the UI and manipulation of the characters. A big shout to Neil McFarland and the team for their beautiful drawings.

The sound brings the stories to life and is designed purely to entertain and engage both children and parents alike. We didn't shy away from making the sounds quite visceral and real, rather than anything childlike. When you throw Jack & Jill down the hill, or chop the tails off the Three Blind Mice, you really feel it. In a couple of the stories we've engaged some of our haptic technique to add a tactile element to the experience.

An overwhelming amount of comments on the app store praise the sound effects. We are very proud. Cheers to everyone involved.