Fin & Flounder retail sound experiment

Pop into the Fin & Flounder fishmongers on Broadway Market in East London, and you may be mistaken that you’ve been transported to the Devonshire coast.

Condiment Junkie have created a pop up sound installation that projects a seascape of crashing waves and seagulls around the fresh fish counter and the pavement just outside.

The installation is part of an experiment into the benefits of sound in the retail space. The soundscape is designed to conjure up memories and emotions associated with being by the sea, which then amplifies the other senses and enhances the freshness of the fish.

At the end of the month long trial, the Fin & Flounder team will assess its effects on the amount of transactions and average customer spend.

Head down and witness it for yourself - Fin & Flounder, 71 Broadway Market, E8

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