Fat Duck seascape

Condiment Junkie are fascinated by how sound can enhance other senses, and how we can take people to different times and places so powerfully when we combine sound design with other sensorial stimulus.

For this project, Heston Blumenthal created a dish that encapsulates the seaside, and wanted a sonic seascape to accompany the dish that would immerse the customer in seaside memories. The idea is that the seascape will enhance the fish's flavour.

Condiment Junkie designed the perfect sonic backdrop for Heston's dish by creating depth in the soundscape. Children playing, a distant foghorn, seagulls flying overhead and circling the listener. All come together to draw a powerful sonic picture that the customer, eating the dish, is taken into.

A similar seascape is here for you to drift away and spend a few minutes lapping up the seaside vibe. If you want to go the whole way - get some sushi in too and taste the sea.

Seascape by Condiment Junkie

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