Electrolux Cube

Electrolux Cube - Sound Installation from Condiment Junkie on Vimeo.

The Electrolux Cube pop up restaurant is currently situated on the roof of the Royal Festival Hall, with amazing views of the river and the city. A handfull of the UK's top Chef’s will take up residency in the restaurant for 2 weeks at a time over the summer.

Condiment Junkie have enhanced the experience using sound throughout the guests journey, from their arrival, approaching the restaurant and the meal itself.
The video shows us setting up the six speaker sound installation for the walkway that leads the guests up to the restaurant, once they’ve arrived on the roof.
Abstract cooking sounds fly up and down the walkway. A knife scraping a chopping board whooshes past you as you walk along. Deep bubbles or sizzling oil suddenly appear and surround you (sadly you don’t get a real feel of the movement in the video). These sounds are mixed with location recordings from the Chef in residence’s restaurant - in the recording above you can hear Claude Bosi, Chef patron at Hibiscus.
The effect is intended to be subtle - a background ambience that lifts the atmosphere, and builds expectation.
Once in the cube, we’ve designed Electrolux brand playlists that perfectly reflect the brand essence and the beautiful design of the restaurant. But being Condiment Junkie, the sound goes deeper...
The tracks and the flow of the playlist are also chosen specifically to enhance each of the dishes in the 7 course meal. Choices were made based on cross-modal research into sound and taste correlations. For instance, in track two of the spotify playlist below, the staccato of the marimba and the rim shot, and the pitch and tempo of the strings perfectly compliment the sweet and umami notes in Sat Bains’ dish of Scallop, Vanilla, Tomato and Strawberry.
Here’s a link to the playlist from Sat Bains’ residency. spoti.fi/MA4T8J

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